What’s the cost?

Rates for commercial food waste collection are set at approximately 20% below commercial garbage rates. By subscribing to commercial food waste collection service, businesses should be able to downsize their regular garbage container size and decrease the number of garbage pick-ups each week. The City of Eugene provides free materials and resources to participating businesses. These resources are funded through solid waste license fees and a Waste Prevention Fund grant from Lane County Waste Management. For commercial food waste collection rates, click HERE

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1. How does the program work?
2. What’s the cost?
3. Can my business or commercial property put food waste in our yard debris container?
4. Are compostable plastics or food soiled paper allowed in the program?
5. Why aren't items like compostable service ware and food soiled paper allowed?
6. Why compost?
7. What is the City’s role?
8. Who else is doing it?
9. How can I learn more about Love Food Not Waste?
10. Are the Love Food Not Waste resources available digitally?
11. Which businesses and organizations compost in Eugene?
12. If fats, oils, and grease are not allowed in food waste collection program, how can my business properly handle this material?
13. Are there soil tests done on the compost to ensure that it is safe for planting?
14. What happens with the finished compost?
15. Which haulers are involved in food waste diversion?