What is the Huckleberry Patrol?
Huckleberry Patrol is a volunteer-driven graffiti abatement effort that helps businesses in the midtown area (11th to 15th, Charnelton to Ferry). Two-person teams travel by bicycle in the midtown area to locate, document, and remove and/or paint over graffiti.

The team is limited to the midtown area because there are only seven members. Some team members have regular shifts, while others schedule their shifts as they are available. Shifts tend to be weather dependent.

Some midtown businesses have filled out hold harmless agreements, allowing the volunteers to remove any graffiti they find on their property. If the volunteers locate graffiti on private property where there is no hold harmless agreement on file, they can approach the business, offer their services, and have the business owner fill out the form at that time. Businesses also contact the Volunteers in Policing Program requesting that the Huckleberry Patrol respond to their business to remove the graffiti. The volunteers use paint and supplies donated by local businesses. Businesses can also provide their own matching paint for the volunteers to use. Digital photos of the graffiti are downloaded and stored in a graffiti photo folder.

For more information:
  • Midtown businesses wanting to participate in Huckleberry Patrol can call 541-682-5287 to join
  • Citizens interested in joining the Huckleberry Patrol as volunteers should call 541-682-5355
  • Email Lindy Smith

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