Where do I park at the Farmers Market Pavilion?

There is metered parking at and around the Pavilion and Plaza, and parking is available throughout downtown. The Parcade, located at 35 W 8th Ave and the Overpark, located at 1000 E 10th Ave are both easy to find and close to the Pavilion and Plaza. Rental of the parking lot adjacent to the Pavilion is possible based on availability. Keep in mind that no vehicles will be permitted to be left at the building or in the lot overnight.

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1. Where is the Pavilion located?
2. What is the capacity of the building?
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4. Can I meet with the staff to discuss questions or concerns?
5. Are there restrooms on site?
6. Is there an area to change?
7. Are the grounds lit?
8. Are renters responsible for cleanup?
9. Do we have to remove our own trash and recycling?
10. How many chairs and tables are provided?
11. How do the roll-up doors operate?
12. Is alcohol allowed?
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19. Where do I park at the Farmers Market Pavilion?
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21. How does it sound in there?
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