What does a typical day look like for an intern?

Interns will have a dynamic and busy schedule! The start of the internship will include 2-3 weeks of orientation and observation. Interns will then be provided with a set schedule for 10-week program sessions. These programs occur Monday–Friday with occasional weekend events and trips. Programs could be one hour or all day. We strive to give interns two days off per week, though not necessarily consecutive days. View our current program schedule.

Therapeutic Recreation students will be fully integrated into the behind the scenes and direct service of the day-to-day operations at Adaptive Recreation Services. Tasks include staff meetings, program design / planning / implementation, community outreach and collaboration, event planning, and various tasks involved with working for a local government, including administration, budget, long-term planning and management.

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1. What makes an internship with Eugene Adaptive Rec unique?
2. What populations or disability groups does an intern work with?
3. How many CTRS do you have on staff?
4. Will this internship prepare me to become certified through NCTRC?
5. How long is the internship?
6. What does a typical day look like for an intern?
7. Will I get paid for the internship?
8. Is housing provided?
9. Will I need a car?
10. Are there opportunities for employment after the internship?
11. What are our values?