Who can I contact if I want to know more?

CFEC implementation crosses several City of Eugene departments and divisions. Below is the staff project manager for each CFEC project:

  • Public Involvement Lead: Leah Rausch, Associate Planner, Community Planning and Design
  • Parking Reform: Reid Verner, Land Use Supervisor, Building and Permit Services
  • Climate-Friendly Areas: Leah Rausch, Associate Planner, Community Planning and Design
  • Climate-Friendly Transportation Options: Rob Inerfeld, Transportation Planning Manager, Public Works

You can always check out the CFEC webpage and Engage Eugene page for the most updated CFEC news and ways get involved. Sign-up for the EUG Planning Newsletter for regular updates about all CFEC projects.

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1. What is Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities?
2. What parts of Eugene will be affected?
3. What is a Climate-Friendly Area?
4. How will Climate-Friendly Areas be selected?
5. Will downtown be a Climate-Friendly Area? How does the designation interact with Urban Renewal and other existing downtown projects and priorities?
6. Will this project lead to displacement?
7. If these requirements are from the state, how do we make sure the implementation meets Eugene's specific needs?
8. When and how will you involve the public? How can neighborhood associations or other groups get involved?
9. Has any other city or state done this before?
10. Who are the decision-makers in this process?
11. How will the City “center” historically marginalized community groups?
12. If this is about “climate-friendly” development, where are the requirements for renewable energy, tree preservation, and building decarbonization?
13. What if I have concerns about the requirements of CFEC?
14. Who can I contact if I want to know more?