Who is making these updates and what is the process?

The City of Eugene staff are in the process of adopting floodplain development code to minimum NFIP standards. On June 13, 2022 Eugene Council initiated code amendments allowing staff to formally begin the land use code amendment process. Public hearings for Eugene’s Planning Commission and city Council will be held jointly with Lane County commissioners who will be asked to adopt the same floodplain code amendments to land use code that applies in the Urban Transition Area (UTA) which are lands outside the City of Eugene City limits, but within the City’s Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). As part of this process, public hearing notifications will be mailed to property owners with the SFHA. A link to an electronic version of this invitation is also posted on the project webpage. The public can participate in the hearings and provide feedback on proposed changes.

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5. Who is making these updates and what is the process?
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