What is the Eugene Riverfront Festival?

The Eugene Riverfront Festival is a free, community fan festival that will celebrate the best of Eugene and Oregon during WCH Oregon22. As Eugene welcomes the world in this once-in-a-lifetime global event, the City of Eugene and REVERE, a local event production company, are working in tandem to create an event that is the cornerstone of a “never before experienced city celebration” at the new Downtown Riverfront Park.


Activities will be happening at the new Downtown Riverfront Park from July 15-24. Schedule will be released soon.

The vision is to celebrate Eugene and Oregon, with the festival serving as a primary “experience hub” during the Championships. It is an opportunity for Eugene to welcome visitors and celebrate the diversity of cultures that make up Eugene. 

As part of the planning process, the City is honored to welcome nine incredible organizations as members of the Eugene Riverfront Festival Equity Panel. Their expertise and vision are helping to shape this once-in-a-lifetime global event. Panel members include:

  • Isis Barone, Community Member at Large
  • Ibrahim Coulibaly, Eugene/Springfield NAACP
  • Shawn Goddard, Community Alliance of Lane County (CALC) Board Member
  • Shanae Joyce-Stringer, Obsidian Soul Productions/Black Cultural Festival
  • Brooks McLain, Eugene Pride Day Equality Project
  • Valerie Simon, University of Oregon Center for Student Involvement Student Representative
  • Mary Sollo, Lane Arts Council Community Representative
  • Susan Sygall, MIUSA - Mobility International USA, CEO
  • Lori Tapahonso, Lane Community College Longhouse Steward & Native American Student Program Coordinator
  • Aimee Yogi, Oregon Asian Celebration

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