How do I order residential garbage and recycling service?

Need garbage service? 

Collection services are provided to residents and businesses directly by licensed haulers, and they collect from any area in Eugene.  You can find a list of licensed haulers in Eugene on our webpages and can contact haulers directly to set up new garbage and recycling service or to make changes to your existing service. 

The City of Eugene issues licenses and sets the rates for haulers who collect solid waste, recycling, food waste, and yard debris within Eugene's city limits and regulates solid waste, recycling, organics, and yard debris collection within the city limits. This includes licensing haulers, developing standards and setting rates for collection service. Standards for collection are contained in Eugene City Code, Section 3.005 and Section 3.245-3.270 and the Solid Waste Administrative Rule.

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1. How do I order residential garbage and recycling service?
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