Is the City doing anything else to create Affordable Housing?

While the City does not own, operate, build, or manage housing, we collaborate with nonprofit and other partners to assess the City’s housing needs, determine strategies to address priority needs, and identify resources to implement the strategies. The City has worked with Affordable Housing providers to create and maintain Affordable Housing in the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area.  As of April 2021, the City is supporting 9 recently completed or upcoming affordable housing projects with the use of federal HOME funds, SDC exemptions, or LIRHPTEs.

These 9 projects represent the creation of 385 new Affordable Housing units in Eugene in the past year or the near future: 100 units were completed in the last year, 115 units are under construction, and 170 are in the pipeline. Of these 385 Affordable Housing units, 126 are Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), a model designed to provide housing and supportive services on a long-term basis to people who are experiencing homelessness. Of the 126 PSH Eugene units, 66 have been completed, 15 are under construction, and 45 are in the pipeline. The TAC report recommended adding 350 PSH units in Lane County (Eugene’s prorated share is 263 units) in five years with a focus on single adults.

Affordable Housing Project

Number of Units


Market District Commons (6th/Oak)



Commons on MLK (2411 MLK Jr. Blvd)



Iris Place (1531 River Rd.)


Under construction

Sarang (1604 Taney St.)


Under construction

Keystone (13th/Tyler)


Under construction

The Nel (11th/Charnelton)


In the pipeline

Lincoln St. Apartments (11th/Lincoln)


In the pipeline

The Lucy (850 Hunsaker Ln.)


In the pipeline

Royal Ave. homeownership project (5220 Royal Ave.)


In the pipeline

Information on the City’s programs to address Affordable Housing can be found on the Community Development webpage. The City’s strategy to address Affordable Housing development using federal funds is guided by the Eugene-Springfield 2020 Consolidated Plan. See Question 7 What are the tools available to support lower-income Affordable Housing? for information on the City’s tools.

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1. What’s happening at 1059 Willamette Street?
2. What is the proposed project?
3. What is Affordable Housing?
4. Is this project considered Affordable Housing?
5. What is the City of Eugene contributing to this project?
6. Why isn’t this project for households with incomes less than 60% Area Median Income?
7. What are the tools available to support lower-income Affordable Housing?
8. Is the City doing anything else to create Affordable Housing?
9. What are the proposed rents and how were they calculated?
10. How do we know only households at or below 80% of Area Median Income will be able to rent the income-qualified units?
11. How long will these 80% AMI rents be maintained?
12. Who is the team that proposed the Montgomery?
13. Why is Council only considering one proposal for this site?
14. Why is the City pursuing a mixed-income housing project?
15. Is it true that the City is giving $10 million to this development team?