What is the proposed project?

The proposed project is a new 6-story building, called the Montgomery. It includes the following:

  • 66 rental units are ‘income-qualified’ and available to households at 80% of Eugene’s area median income (AMI), a federally defined criteria.
  • 63 rental units that are ‘market-rate’, which means there is no income restriction.
  • 10 of the income-qualified units will be set aside for victims of domestic violence, in partnership with Womenspace, a Eugene-based non-profit that provides women-centered services to victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
  • Resident services provided by Cornerstone Community Housing through their Healthy Homes program, which supports interventions and services that promote housing access, retention, and stabilization.
  • The ground floor, facing Willamette Street and 11th Avenue will include commercial space, offered at low rents and available to start-up businesses.
  • A public gallery, with opportunities for community art displays, and an outdoor mural.
  • Pet-care areas, to exercise and wash dogs. The building will welcome households with dogs.

The building will also include green building features and will be certified under LEED Multifamily criteria.

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1. What’s happening at 1059 Willamette Street?
2. What is the proposed project?
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6. Why isn’t this project for households with incomes less than 60% Area Median Income?
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10. How do we know only households at or below 80% of Area Median Income will be able to rent the income-qualified units?
11. How long will these 80% AMI rents be maintained?
12. Who is the team that proposed the Montgomery?
13. Why is Council only considering one proposal for this site?
14. Why is the City pursuing a mixed-income housing project?
15. Is it true that the City is giving $10 million to this development team?