What else was considered in the suitability analysis?

After completing our technical analysis, we developed suitability criteria to further evaluate our study area. These suitability criteria were based on the state-directed outline of analysis and reflect the City’s Triple Bottom Line Framework. The suitability analysis evaluates all the developable land in the study area by considering it in terms of the following four factors (dictated by state rules), then dismisses land that, on balance, would be unsuitable for Urban Reserves based on this evaluation:

  • Efficient accommodation of identified land needs
  • Orderly and economic provision of public facilities and services
  • Comparative environmental, energy, economic and social consequences
  • Compatibility of the proposed urban uses with nearby agricultural and forest activities occurring on farm and forest land outside the UGB

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1. How was the Urban Reserves Study Area determined?
2. What is the Land Supply Model?
3. What types of land are considered ‘natural resource and natural hazard’ and ‘occupied’?
4. If land is categorized as ‘occupied,’ does that mean it is protected from future development?
5. What do the priority categories in the Study Area mean?
6. Did you consider things like existing road conditions and future traffic in your analysis?
7. What else was considered in the suitability analysis?
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