What’s the likelihood that my property will come into the UGB if it’s in Urban Reserves?

This is hard to say. There is a chance that the city could need to expand sooner than expected, or that land designated as Urban Reserves would never be included in the urban growth boundary (UGB). In the future, if analysis shows that we need more land to accommodate more people, we will consider expanding the UGB and will look to Urban Reserves areas first. Essentially, Urban Reserves become the first priority land to grow into. However, how much the UGB expands and where within Urban Reserves the UGB expands will depend on several factors, including how fast Eugene’s population grows, how densely we are growing within the UGB, and what kind of land we need (residential, employment, etc). Our Growth Monitoring Program is tracking this. See the graphic illustration on the next page for more information.

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1. How do I know if my land is being considered for inclusion in Urban Reserves?
2. What will happen if my property is included in Urban Reserves?
3. Will Urban Reserves put restrictions on my property?
4. What policies are being considered?
5. Can I keep doing what I’m doing on this land if it is included in Urban Reserves?
6. Will I still be able to build a single-family home on my property?
7. Will Urban Reserves impact agreements set out by Homeowners Associations (HOAs) or through Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs)?
8. Do I have a choice about whether my property is included Urban Reserves?
9. Will I get City services, such as water and sewer, if my property is included in Urban Reserves?
10. If my property is in Urban Reserves, then brought into the UGB, will I be required to annex into the City?
11. What’s the likelihood that my property will come into the UGB if it’s in Urban Reserves?
12. What will be the impact on my taxes if my property is brought into the UGB?
13. If my property is zoned Exclusive Farm Use and is included in Urban Reserves, would I lose my farm tax deferral? What if my property was brought into the UGB?
14. How will my land value change if my land is in Urban Reserves? How will my taxes change if my land is in the UGB or the city limits?
15. How does Urban Reserves adoption work?
16. When will the public hearings happen?
17. Will the Fall 2022 meetings be virtual or in person?
18. How do I provide my input? Who do I provide it to?
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