Posted on: November 24, 2021

Holiday Shopping Season: Theft From Vehicle Prevention Tips

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Because of the increase in property crime during the holiday season, Eugene Police want to remind people of simple precautionary measures to take when out shopping or leaving a vehicle left unattended for a significant period of time. Criminals will look for opportunities where people are least suspecting of a crime to happen, including crowded shopping centers and areas of high foot traffic. 




Theft from vehicle is one of the most common crimes in our area, and often increases during the holiday months. There is one clear message, if you want to keep someone from breaking into your vehicle, don't leave anything of value inside the vehicle. Following this rule can drastically decrease your chances of becoming a victim. You never know who might be watching. 


  • Don’t park and then place something in your vehicle’s trunk and then walk away from the vehicle. If someone observes you place property in the trunk of your vehicle, they can usually access your trunk by breaking into your vehicle and accessing the trunk release. Instead, place the item in the trunk before arriving at your location. This is especially important at hiking/running locations, sporting events and shopping malls.


  • Secure vehicles by rolling up the windows and locking the doors.


If possible, it is best to take your purchases and property home before making a trip to another location. 



Additional information to protect your car:


If you happen to observe suspicious activity, or any criminal behavior, please contact police at the earliest convenience. 

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