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Posted on: July 1, 2023

Community Service Officers Improving Safety System


Funded by the CSPT, the addition of Community Service Officers (CSOs) has had an immediate impact on Eugene's safety response, and recent commendations have poured in for multiple EPD CSOs. Read on to learn about commendations that one CSO received that illustrate how they affect cases and Eugene residents.

In one commendation, a detective sang the praises of a CSO after she helped him on a cluster of cases involving a prolific suspect, who had victimized dozens of people by getting into and stealing their vehicles, then taking further advantage and using the victim’s credit cards fraudulently. The detective mentioned how fraught cases like this are with tasks related to collecting evidence, including working with store managers to capture video surveillance, checking with banks and credit unions for bank statements, and providing an ear and guidance to victims as they navigate shoring up their future financial security. The CSO organized all this information for the detective and even created a spread sheet to tabulate the fragmented shards of evidence. The detective said the work she did on the case will likely make a big difference in the court case and lead to prison time for the prolific offender.

This same CSO also took the time to locate and give a detailed eye to video surveillance of a victim’s property damage. Her work elevated the case beyond the level of an initial investigation. Because of her attention to detail and extra effort, the detective was able to confirm a suspect’s identity. She is going above and beyond with the initial investigations for crimes that, while they may be low-level, really impact the lives of the victims. This CSO's thorough report writing and attention to detail also helped a detective with a case that has ties to a higher level of assault.

Many commendations have come pouring in for other CSOs, pointing to their dedication, kindness, thoroughness and good communication with victims, Eugene residents and businesses. These roles would not be filled if funding were not available through the CSPT.

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