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The original item was published from 5/23/2022 3:44:06 PM to 5/28/2022 12:00:05 AM.



Posted on: May 23, 2022

[ARCHIVED] 40 Cited In Lieu of Custody by EPD Weekend Party Patrols in West University Area May 20-21

Officer writing citation, beer bottle on top of vehicle hood

40 Cited In Lieu of Custody by EPD Weekend Party Patrols in West University Area May 20th-21st



In a focused response to continued disorderly parties and recent related incidents on April 23, May 7 and May 14, Eugene Police again maintained a heavy patrol presence in the West University area over the weekend. The patrols enforced all levels of infractions, moving beyond the initial education-first approach due to the unruly and dangerous behavior that has been occurring. Overtime patrols were staffed Friday and Saturday nights for a second consecutive weekend with the assistance of University of Oregon Police Department. These followed University of Oregon (Dean of Students, Community Relations and UO PD) outreach efforts to off-campus student residences on Friday May 20 regarding party management and harm reduction.


On Friday, May 20, at about 1:30 a.m., officers responded again to 1915 Hilyard St. regarding a loud noise complaint related to another party at the residence. Officers subsequently issued a misdemeanor citation to one resident, Zachary Jolly (21), for Prohibited Noise related to the party with approximately 30 people in attendance. This incident occurred less than one week after the previous unruly party when glass bottles were thrown at officers. At that time, one resident of the home was lodged at the Lane County Jail and others were cited and released for misdemeanor offenses related to the incident.


During the Friday and Saturday night enforcement efforts this weekend, activity included the following:


Officers issued (11) misdemeanor citations in lieu of custody for Prohibited Noise:

Dawson Sherbourne, age 21

Carson Kroll, age 20

Brooks Carber, age 19                          

Mathew Lambright, age 20      

Grace Reichardt, age 22                           

Trinity Taylor, age 18 

Kayl Bourgalt, age 31                       

Patrick McCumber, age 22 

Maxwell Asevedo, age 22                         

Noah Bell, age 22

Michael Accinelli, age 22 



Officers issued (29) misdemeanor citations in lieu of custody for Open Container:

Michael Descamp, age 21

Bineham, Sydney, age 21 

Lane, Keith, age 27                          

Strong, William, age 19 

Anderson, Dustin              34                            

Kyle Prince, age 21 

Miller, William, age  22                         

Chumani Decker, age  21 

Grant  Ysen, age  22                         

Gracey Hook, age  21 

Cesar Castillo, age  20                         

Marco  Sanchez, age  21

Jenna  Speckman, age  21                      

Paige Lovely, age  21 

Isabella Villarreal, age  22 

Derek Wong, age  22 

Desiree   Orellana, age  21 

James   Otto, age   22 

Zellie  Silberman, age  22 

William Dermody, age  22 

Madeline Castillo, age  20 

Paul  Regendez, age  40 

Roseena Robinson, age  37 

Adele Gunter, age  22 

Bryce Bazley, age  29 

Sarah Salerno, age  23 

Zachary Barrows, age  21 

Hannah Whitlow, age  22 

Hailey Bernard, age  22 


Officers issued (13) violation citations for Minor in Possession of Alcohol. Additional citations may be pending from events throughout the weekend.


The social host, or Ordinance on Unruly Gatherings, holds individuals criminally responsible for hosting, organizing and allowing an unruly event or social gathering. The Eugene Municipal Court has assigned a base fine of $375 for criminal violations of this ordinance. Additionally, property owners where the event is hosted may also be penalized if there are multiple violations of this ordinance. Both hosts and property owners may be civilly liable for police, fire and public works response costs that fall under this ordinance, at an estimated cost of $800 per incident. 


Property owners where tenants were issued citations under this ordinance will receive letters in the coming days notifying them of activity at their property, as well as their potential obligation for subsequent events. For more information:

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