Posted on: August 19, 2020

Recent Theft From Vehicle Incidents at Popular Outdoor Areas

In recent weeks, police have received information of several Theft from Vehicle incidents at Ridgeline trailheads in the Fox Hollow and 52nd Street/Willamette areas. The cases involve suspects who broke windows of vehicles and stole valuables that were left in open view.

Anytime vehicles are left unattended for extended periods of time, local thieves view it as a favorable opportunity. We want to encourage people who use the parks and trails to think about crime prevention as they plan their day outdoors enjoying these beautiful areas around Eugene.  

By incorporating the tips below you can deter criminals and reduce the possibility of an unwanted surprise when returning to your vehicle.  




Theft from a vehicle is one of the most common crimes in our area. In almost all cases, the victims had left property visible in the vehicle. There is one clear message, if you want to keep someone from breaking into your vehicle, don’t leave anything visible inside the vehicle! If you will follow this one simple rule, you will likely not become a victim of this crime.

  • Don’t park and then put something in your vehicle’s trunk and then walk away from the vehicle. If someone saw you put it in, they can usually access your trunk by breaking into your vehicle and accessing the trunk release. Instead, put the item in the trunk before arriving at your location. This is especially important at hiking/running locations, sporting events and shopping malls.

  • Secure vehicles by rolling up the windows and locking doors (even on a hot day – it is better to take a few minutes to air out a hot car than to discover a theft)

If you happen to observe suspicious activity, or any criminal behavior, please contact police at the earliest convenience.


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