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Posted on: May 29, 2020

Stay safe in the water this summer

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Did you know May is water safety month? With the weather getting warmer it’s almost time to go have fun in the water but before that can happen, we have to make sure we know how to stay safe.

The City of Eugene has joined with Willamalane, River Road Park and Recreation and the Eugene Family YMCA with the Water Watchers’ campaign to help everyone stay safe. The Water Watchers’ campaign asks people who pledge to watch their families in pools and other bodies of water and respond in emergencies. Drownings are more common during the warmer weather, and by pledging to be a Water Watcher we are hoping to help keep people safe.

We are asking people who go out this summer to lakes and rivers to make sure their loved ones and children are safe. Here are some tips to stay safe this summer!

  • Make sure all life jackets fit correctly before getting in the water. How to make sure they fit: check the size and weight range on tags of life jackets. After putting on the life jacket pull the top up, if the jacket goes up past your ears pull the jacket back down and tighten straps on sides. All life jackets should be U.S. Coast Guard approved.
  • Check water temperature before jumping into the water. Even with the warmer weather, water temperature can still be cold, jumping in can cause a person to go into shock and result in a possible drowning.
  • While out with children make sure to keep watching them. If a child is in trouble or drowning, they won’t be able to call out for help, but they will look frightened. Try to limit distractions and stay close in case they need help.
  • If swimming in a lake make sure to check the website for algae blooms before you go. If swimming in a river, make sure to be cautious of currents that could carry you away or debris that can trap you or animals. 

We hope these tips help people stay safe while having a fun summer!

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