Posted on: June 28, 2017

City Council Adopts FY18 Budget and FY17 Second Supplemental Budget

The City Manager’s Proposed Budget, presented in May, addressed several high priority community needs and included administrative budget reductions of $1 million to reduce anticipated budget gaps. The City Manager’s Proposed Budget was reviewed and deliberated by the Eugene Budget Committee during meetings throughout May.

After receiving public input, on May 24 the Budget Committee voted to recommend that the City Council adopt the FY18 Proposed Budget with the following amendments:

  • Allocate $40,000 to implement measures to improve transparency and public information in the budget process.
  • Increase the FY18 General Fund contribution to the Human Services Commission on a one-time basis by $154,655 to provide Eugene’s share of FY18 cost for Dusk to Dawn winter warming site program.
  • Increase funding for one additional Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance in the amount of $500,000 on a one-time basis in FY18. Also, complete a preliminary analysis of ambulance capacity and implementation options, and present to Council prior to their 2018 winter break.

The City Council also amended the Budget Committee motion on shelter funds to read:

  • Allocate $1 million of one-time Comcast Settlement Funds for a future shelter and request that the City Manager develop a plan for City Council approval in conjunction with inter-jurisdictional partners.

In addition, the City Council made the following additional amendment based on a recommendation from the City Manager:

  • Allocate funding to add one 24/7 Advance Life Support (ALS) ambulance beginning January 2018.

The new budget goes into effect on July 1, 2017.

The Proposed Budget and other agenda materials are available on the City’s website at The adopted budget will also be posted here later in the summer when the document is finalized.

At the same meeting, City Council held a public hearing and adopted the second supplemental budget for FY17. The Agenda Item Summary for the FY17 Second Supplemental Budget can be viewed at

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