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Posted on: January 3, 2017

Eugene Airport Grand Opening Celebration

EUGENE — Jan. 2, 2017 — Officials at Eugene Airport announced Monday the completion of a multi-million dollar terminal expansion project that began in November 2014. The remodel focused on several areas including the security screening checkpoint, B-gate hold room, A-gate concourse and the baggage claim area, with a goal of easing congestion and improving functionality for passengers.

RS&H, an architecture and engineering firm specializing in airport planning, designed the project. Essex Construction was the general contractor completing the build-out in multiple areas simultaneously over the two-plus years. The total project cost was $19 million, with funding from Federal Aviation Administration Airport Improvement Program grants, Passenger Facility Charges, and airport revenue.

“We are pleased to be able to provide passengers a beautiful, expanded terminal building,” said Airport Director Tim Doll, A.A.E.  “We have accommodated the needs of our travelers based on multiple years of record breaking passenger growth. The outcome is stunning.”

Grand Opening Celebration – Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Members of the media and the public are invited to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017. The festivities begin at 10:30 a.m. in the airport terminal building lobby between Emerald News & Gifts and Willamette Grill.

Local and regional dignitaries are expected to participate in the event, along with a performance by The Emerald City Jazz Kings.

NOTE for Media
One-on-one interviews and a media tour will follow the ribbon cutting ceremony at approximately 11:30 a.m.

Public tours of the renovations will be provided between noon and 1 p.m. and between 5:30 and 7 p.m. A coat check service will be available for personal belongings and is required for those going into the secure area for the tour. Free parking passes will be handed out.

The current terminal building was originally constructed in 1964, with major remodeling and additional construction completed in 1989. A small expansion of the A-gate hold room was completed in 2008, bringing current building to 96,000 square feet. This terminal expansion project includes 12,800 square feet of new construction and 19,350 square feet of existing space that was reconfigured and renovated.

Security Screening Checkpoint
The security screening checkpoint (SSCP) expansion includes 12,500 square feet of existing building reconfiguration and renovation. The previous SSCP layout was significantly undersized. The main focus of the work in this area was to enlarge the checkpoint to improve passenger throughput at the Transportation Security Administration screening area which previously showed signs of being overstressed.

The project relocated the SSCP into the old B-gate hold room, requiring the removal of the old escalators and stairs, and provided a new set of escalators and stairs at a relocated entrance to the A-concourse. The new SSCP area now has space to accommodate 1,200 square feet of queuing space, four checkpoint lanes, a 900 square foot passenger re-composure area, and a deplaning corridor that features automated exit lane technology.

B-Gate Hold Room
The relocation of the SSCP forced a reallocation of space for the B-gate hold room and resulted in an expansion of the building to the south and the west. This expansion includes approximately

6,300 square feet of new construction and 850 square feet of existing building interior renovation/reconfiguration. New restrooms and space for a concessions component were included within the enlarged building footprint. New restrooms were added just west of the checkpoint composure area.

Bag Claim Expansion
The bag claim expansion includes 6,500 square feet of new construction and 6,000 square feet of existing building renovation/reconfiguration. The baggage claim at the terminal building was previously serviced by a single bag belt. Due to its age and condition it required constant service and repair. Since it was the only belt, there was a lack of redundancy when the bag belt was malfunctioning. In this project two new bag belts were installed, with a drop-down feature that then allows bags that are not picked up to be immediately moved to a separate unclaimed baggage room in the same area.

Also included in this project area is a police office, and additional counter space for ground transportation.

A-Concourse Elevator Relocation
The A-concourse elevator relocation project included the removal of the existing elevator located adjacent to the restaurant and across from the gift shop upstairs. A new elevator was installed in the southwest corner of the A-gate hold room, providing better ADA access and opening up the A-concourse concession area for simultaneous expansion.

Restaurant Concession Expansion

Separate, but simultaneous to the terminal expansion project, the restaurant concession spaces both pre-security and post-security were renovated. Tailwind MC, LLC invested $600,000 in the renovations which more than doubled the concession space in the A-gate area. This renovation also included splitting the lower-lever restaurant in half, allowing full-service restaurant service in the B-gate area for the first time, while still maintaining a pre-security restaurant and coffee bar.


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