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Posted on: November 17, 2014

[ARCHIVED] Commendations from the Public - October

A same of those commendations

October 2014

The Eugene Police Department received 30 commendations from citizens in October, 2014. Below is a sample of those commendations.

• Officers were commended by the Bethel School District Superintendent, praising them for the "tremendous effort put forth to train Bethel School District employees on procedures dealing with an armed intruder." The superintendent stated, "We have more than 6,000 students, volunteers and staff members in our school every day. Today they are all a little safer.” The Mayor of Eugene also commented, “I appreciate this praise for EPD. Most of all I appreciate this very professional effort to protect our children in our schools. I am sure I speak for all of us when I say well done. You make us proud of our department as part of our city.”

•The Chief of Police, from a police department in Washington, commended an officer for his professionalism and the representation of EPD that he displayed while conducting a background investigation for a new department hire. He stated, "We frequently interact with allied jurisdictions in the personnel process and the appearance and professionalism was significantly above the norm."

• A citizen commended an officer for his efforts and exemplary quality of service that he showed in trying to locate a stolen phone for his daughter. The citizen stated, "While he could have easily avoided this effort in light of all his other responsibilities, he nevertheless invested significant time and energy assisting me in attempting to recover the stolen property."

• An officer was commended for the assistance he provided in recovering stolen property that had been taken during the burglary of an Apple employee. The citizen expressed his appreciation and was impressed with the officer’s "enthusiasm, professionalism, and desire to provide the highest level of customer service."

• A citizen commended an officer for his actions involving a call about an illegal camper near Skinner Butte Park. The citizen thanked the officer and stated that he was "pretty impressed" by the service he displayed. The officer placed a notice on the illegal camper's tent and by the next day, the camper was gone. His actions were very effective and the citizen expressed his gratitude on the return call that he’d received, stating that it was "great follow-up!"

• Officers responded to the request for assistance at Center Point School due to a student having assaulted another student, causing minor injuries to the other peer's face. The officers interviewed the victim and then took the time to speak with the aggressor, despite not being able to pursue criminal charges at the time. The citizen stated that she was “impressed” with the officers’ support and assistance. The citizen commended the officers’ “active listening skills” and how they offered “professional thoughts, thoroughly explained his options, and showed empathy toward the victim.” She stated they demonstrated an “excellent balance between being firm, yet showing care while talking with the aggressor about the seriousness of his behaviors.” The citizen was very appreciative of the continued positive partnership with the Eugene Police Department.

• A citizen picked up a firearm from the Evidence Control Unit that she had tried to send in her checked baggage while flying out of Eugene. She did not realize that she could not place a non-functioning firearm in her luggage. She commended an officer and was very impressed on his handling of the situation. She stated that the officer then went "above and beyond" and made sure she made it to her flight safely and in a timely manner. She wanted to make sure that the word was “passed on” and that it gave her a “wonderful impression of Eugene and the Eugene Police Department.”

•A citizen commended officers for their efforts in assisting the OPOA present the "Effective Search Warrant Writing" training at the Emergency Services Facility. The citizen stated that it "helped make the class a great success!" The officers were “accommodating and responsive” to all her questions and needs. The citizen commented that the officers “represented the Eugene Police Department well.” She also commended them for being very helpful with items that needed attention throughout the day of class. She commented, “The facility suited our needs perfectly."

• A citizen commended officers for exceeding his expectations in their positions as airport Law Enforcement Officers. The citizen stated, “They support the agency, me, and my employees with a phenomenal attitude, all the while exuding professionalism at every turn. I have worked at numerous airports over the last few years and these two Officers in particular are a cut above the rest.” The citizen also commented, “I just wanted to let you know how much of a pleasure it is to work with them on a daily basis. Thank you for your continued effort keeping us safe at Eugene Airport.”

•An officer was commended for her actions in assisting the runaway of a student from Center Point School. The student presented cognitive deficits, did not know the local area and had never before left the school. Because of these and other contributing factors, the school was concerned. The citizen stated that the officer was “extremely helpful.” She commented that the officer “remained patient throughout updates about our own attempts to locate the student. Most importantly, she took our information about the student's potential to provoke an aggressive response from the police quite seriously.” She appreciated the Eugene Police department's continued positive partnership with their program.

• A citizen commended officers on the outstanding job they did in dealing with a recent shoplifting incident at his store. The citizen was very impressed with their understanding of the situation and the way they treated both the store employees and the shoplifter with dignity and respect. He commented that both officers did a "spectacular job." He also stated that the officers "handled the situation super-well."

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