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Jan 24

Dogsledding Trip 2014

Posted on January 24, 2014 at 2:29 PM by Sarah Rankin

Dogsled DogThe sounds of canine excitement filled the crisp air as we loaded into custom built sleds and were tucked into wool blankets. The dogs jumped in their lines begging the trail to come, we could feel their energy as the musher called a command and released the safety line. Rocketing forward, all that was heard was the soft sliding of snow beneath us, a happy quiet fell over the team, we soaked it up. Scenery wisped by in diamond like beauty and the lead sled dog set a pace that would last for miles.

Sunday, January 19th, the Amazon Community Center had the privilege of taking a group of 14 intrepid adults Dogsledding. We had a diverse age demographic ranging from 14 to 88 years young and each generation offered a unique ingredient that made this such an enjoyable group. The Oregon Trail of Dreams runs a full service Dog Sled adventure at beautiful Mt Bachelor. Their maxim, "Linking humans and animals in a spirit of love and cooperation", is not only lived up to, but taught to participants from the moment they arrive till they head to the lodge to warm up afterwards over a cup of hot cocoa.

DogsleddingOregon Trail of Dreams is operated and owned by Jerry Scdoris and his daughter Rachael. Rachael is a world renowned athlete and had her first Iditarod finish in 2006. The Mushers come from a wide variety of back grounds and have life stories that our participants loved to hear as much as they loved the chance to tell their own.

From the comfort of our blanketed sleds we were able to see Mt Bachelor, the Three Sisters, and Broken Top mountain. This trip in the past has never disappointed and this years’ was no exception. We all walked away with a glow that can only be had by fulfilling childhood dreams and an experience that will generate campfire-like stories for years to come.

For more incredible upcoming trips, call Amazon at 541-682-5373.

Post written by Josh Lutje


Craig Smith
January 24, 2014 at 2:28 PM
What a great activity for multi-generational folks to participate in. An outdoor activity with some solid roots in Orgon. Back in the day, my hometown of Prospect Or used to host annual Dog Sled races - what a gas(less) sport it is. C

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