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May 30

Meet the Downtown Safety Team

Posted on May 30, 2017 at 2:18 PM by Sarah-Kate Sharkey

Downtown Officers

New Downtown Police Officers

Two Eugene Police officers, Cliff Sites and Jennifer Peckels (pictured above), have joined nine officers and a sergeant in the downtown area. Their goal is to keep Eugene safe and build trust by encouraging a welcoming and safe environment while taking enforcement action when needed.

Lane County Parole & Probation

Two Lane County Parole and Probation officers, Tim Shreve and Mark Dugan (pictured below), are working alongside the Eugene Police Downtown Station as part of the Downtown Team.

Lane County Patrol & Probation

Park Ambassadors & Park Blocks Host

This summer, four Park Ambassadors and a Park Blocks Host will help provide a great park experience by welcoming visitors, answering questions about park amenities and recreational activities, sharing information about park rules and identifying safety issues. They also have copies of all our latest park maps, so be sure to say hi. If you see issues in need of attention by park staff, please visit or call 541-682-4800.

Park Ambassadors
Photo: Park Ambassadors Joe Waksmundski and Ted Wilbur

Community Outreach Response Team (CORT)

The Community Outreach Response Team (CORT) reaches out to people without housing and who often suffer from mental disorders, substance abuse related issues and co-occurring disorders. Through CORT assistance, these individuals are connected to the proper resources and professionals necessary to improve their quality of life. The CORT members are compassionate and tenacious in their efforts, reaching out to chronic offenders while building trust, making the community safer, and reducing the impact on the City’s criminal justice system.

Watch the CORT video here.