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Apr 22

Earth Day 2020

Posted on April 22, 2020 at 8:18 AM by Samantha Roberts

Earth Day 2020

Just 50 years ago, 25-year-old Denis Hayes, a graduate student, organized the first ever Earth Day, leading 20 million Americans to begin the modern era of climate action. This movement has achieved a great deal through legislative action to include updates to the Clean Air Act, and the creation of the Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act. The Environmental Protection Agency was another byproduct of this large scale movement. As a global event throughout the years, Earth Day has brought billions of people together from all over the world to consider humanity’s collective impact on the environment. 

Earth Day has organized communities over the years to do everything from advocating for policy action to teaching individuals about small changes they can make to reduce their carbon foot print. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this important event, we invite you to continue this work thinking both locally and globally. How will you make a difference?


Earth Day Bingo
Let’s have some fun! Join us for a round of Earth Day Bingo. Each of the following actions aligns with our goals of addressing environmental impacts from energy used in buildings, transportation and fuels, consumption, and our ability to overcome challenges. Can you get 5 in a row?  Tag @cityofeug as you share your progress on social media using #EUGearthday and #EarthDay2020!


Eugene Carbon Challenge

Don’t forget to join the fun at Eugene’s Carbon Challenge! Nearly 370 households have participated in this fun challenge committing 650 actions. Actions are simple everyday things that you can do to reduce your impact, and many also save you money. Click here to see what actions your household can take to reduce your carbon footprint in Eugene.


Tune in online as Earth Day Network hosts live performances, speakers, and actions all over the world at Earth Day Live. Learn more about what is happening globally with climate change.  And, click here to see what actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint.

As you create, learn, share, and communicate online, use #EarthDay2020 to join the global celebration and movement towards climate action.