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Jan 19

Do you have a language resolution?

Posted on January 19, 2016 at 7:17 AM by Sarah Rankin

French ClassAre you ready to start speaking Esperanto with your kids? Are you dreaming of a vacation on the Riviera? Or would you like to learn some sign language in order to communicate better with a friend?

If you made a resolution to learn a language, it’s never been easier. We live in a country that speaks more than 350 languages and in a world that commonly speaks almost 5,000 languages, and the internet is so here to help you.

One fast and free way to acquire at least some words and phrases, and to amuse yourself while you’re doing it, is to use free apps. Two of the most popular are Duolingo and Busuu.

Duolingo sports fun (and smartly diverse) graphics, gives you little medals that say things like “You are 1% fluent in Spanish!” and makes you learn hilarious sentences along with useful phrases and questions. Once you pass a certain level, you can open the “Flirt” option and learn things like “Hi beautiful, want to dance with me?” or “Is it hot in here, or is that just you?”

Busuu, with free and paid versions that give you access to more grammar lessons (woo hoo!), offers most of the same languages as Duolingo, but also Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. See the full lists at their site, download the apps and enjoy saying things like “The ducks drink water” in Spanish into your microphone.

What about learning sign language? There are apps for that too, including the ASLApp, now featuring America’s Next Top Model winner Nyle DiMarco, and an iTunes app from Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin.

Then there’s YouTube, of course. The list of language lessons on YouTube stretches to the Moon and back, and could take you several lifetimes to watch – but it’s well worth it!

And guess what? Yes! Eugene Rec also has language classes for adults. From Italian I to French Cinema and Conversations to Spanish Conversations & Grammar, Rec has a language class that can enhance what you find online and connect you to more people in your community as well.

Good luck with your language resolutions, or as they say in Italian, in boca del luppo!

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