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May 20

City of Eugene's 2017 Operational ghg Inventory

Posted on May 20, 2019 at 10:43 AM by Elena Domingo

Originally written March 15, 2019 

The 2017 City of Eugene Operational Greenhouse Gas Inventory has been completed. The annual inventory is the primary document we complete to report on the Targets and Benchmarks included in the 2016 CRO update for City owned facilities and operations. Note that the lag time for completing inventories is roughly 12 months.

The CRO goals related to City operations are as follows:

                • ghg neutrality by 2020

                • 50% reduction in fossil fuel use by 2030 (based on a 2010 baseline)

Below are key indicators for reaching the city operations CRO goals. As you can see, both the City’s ghg emissions and fossil fuel use have significantly decreased as we work our way towards meeting these targets.

Operational ghg Invenotry Chart

Between 2010 and 2017, the City’s ghg emissions decreased by 31% (using market-based accounting for electricity). This progress was accomplished by Fleet transitioning from fossil fuel diesel to renewable diesel, the discontinuation of district steam in 2012, and the reduction in ghgs from EWEB’s electricity supply. To meet ghg neutrality by 2020, City operations will need to decrease another 29% from 2010 emissions. 

The City of Eugene’s fossil fuel use has decreased by 44% since 2010. Replacing conventional fossil diesel fuel with renewable diesel fuel and the discontinuation of district steam have led to significant progress towards this goal. Note that natural gas was substituted for district steam, and although natural gas ghgs have increased, it had the net effect of lowering the City’s ghgs for space heating.

Each City department continues to consider possible options to further reduce their ghg emissions and fossil fuel use. Looking ahead, the City will likely need to purchase carbon offsets to mitigate the remaining ghg emissions reported in the 2020 operational ghg inventory in order to align with the CRO goals.