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May 20

Eugene's 2017 Sector-Based Emissions Inventory

Posted on May 20, 2019 at 10:32 AM by Elena Domingo

Originally Written February 19, 2019 

Our CAP2.0 consultants from Good Company recently completed the annual Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory. The annual inventory is the primary document we complete to report on the Targets and Benchmarks included in the 2016 CRO update. Due to the data requirements and reliance on statewide data reporting, the lag time for completing the inventories is roughly 12 months. 

Below are the key indicators for reaching the community wide CRO goals. As you can see, Eugene’s fossil fuel use is up slightly from the previous inventory. The increase is most likely due to the higher than normal demand for heat during the 2017 winter.

2017 S-B Inventory Charts

Eugene’s ghg emissions were also slightly higher in 2017 than the previous inventory. Again, this increase is due to weather related demand with a hotter than normal summer and a colder than normal winter. Additionally, the number of air conditioners both in homes and in vehicles has increased, causing an increase in refrigerant loss – a very potent greenhouse gas source. However, Eugene’s per capita emissions are down 11% since 2010.

For a more detailed summary, review the 2017 Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory. Read more information about the Climate Action Plan 2.0 projec
t here.