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May 20

Comparing Eugene's Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Similar Communities

Posted on May 20, 2019 at 10:21 AM by Elena Domingo

Originally Written January 14, 2019

CAP2.0 consultants and staff continue evaluating community progress on reaching the goals of the Climate Recovery Ordinance (CRO). While we know there is still work to be done to achieve our goals, it is encouraging to remember that Eugene continues to be a national leader when it comes to addressing climate change.  When compared to similar cities across the nation: 

  • Eugene emits fewer ghg per person than similar communities in the United States.
  • Eugene has more aggressive emission goals than similar communities in the United States.

You can see how we compare to several similar cities on both our goals and progress below.

City Comparisons of Community GHG Reduction Goals

Our lower emissions can largely be attributed to Eugene’s long-standing commitments to climate friendly action.
Additionally, EWEB has contributed greatly by supporting conservation strategies and investing in low-carbon electricity. As we continue to work on the CAP2.0, we are working with partners across the country to understand what strategies may be the most effective in Eugene to continue to make progress. 

Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions Comarisonpng
Over the next few months, the Project Team will:

  • Provide updated community-wide and organizational Greenhouse Gas Inventories in January.  
  • Create a list of actions that will help fill the gap between our forecasted emissions and our community goals. 
  • Provide a preview of the 2019 Oregon Legislature agenda as it relates to climate, particularly the Clean Energy Jobs legislation.  This legislation is in alignment with City Council’s 2015 resolution which supports the state in advancing carbon pricing policies.
  • Provide information about the following topics at upcoming Work Sessions (Work Session dates are tentative):
  • Home Energy Score Policy (January 16)
  • CAP2.0 update and list of actions to fill the gap between forecasted emissions and community goals (January 30)
  • Response to Sustainability Commission’s questions regarding Northwest Natural Franchise Agreement (January 30)
  • Joint EWEB Board of Commissioners and Eugene City Council Work Session on climate and energy (February 11)
Read more information on the project here