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Apr 10

The Wetland Mitigation Bank Program is Growing

Posted on April 10, 2019 at 4:15 PM by Elissa Gavette

drone photo of Amazon wetland area
In February, the Parks and Open Space Division acquired property for the new Amazon Prairie Wetland Mitigation Bank. The 329-acre parcel is west of the Eugene Airport and adjacent to Clear Lake, which was formed by a dam on Amazon Creek. The Mitigation Bank program is a large-scale, ecosystem-oriented wetland restoration project designed to provide sustainable ecological benefits in advance of unavoidable impacts to wetlands caused by human activity.

Mitigation banking provides developers, utility providers, and state and local agencies with the opportunity to pay a one-time fee to purchase credits from the bank for development impacts located within the bank’s service area.  

Our vision for Amazon Prairie is a restored wetland prairie with a diversity of native plants and very shallow, seasonal pools supporting amphibians and other wildlife. Although there is currently no public access to the site, in the longer term we intend to provide some public access to the restored wetland prairie for compatible recreation.

There will be opportunities for public input as plans develop for facilities such as trails, nature interpretation, a canoe launch and an associated trailhead with parking. Conceptual restoration plans for the Amazon Prairie Mitigation Bank will be available for review in the coming weeks on the Department of State Land's website.