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Feb 27

Amazon's Adult Snowshoe trip

Posted on February 27, 2014 at 9:33 AM by Sarah Rankin

SnowshoerSoft powdery snow floated through the crisp air with each step as we shuffled toward our destination. For many in the group of twelve it was their first time on snowshoes and it wasn’t till I jumped off mine and sank up to my knees that they realized that they truly were floating across the snow. We could hear the roar of Sahalie falls as we rounded the bend. Between the fifty foot icicles and the sheer power of the seasonally swollen falls the view was far beyond breath taking. Amazon’s snowshoe trip to Sahalie falls this February 16th was one to remember. 

One participant told the group that he doesn’t normally go outside in the snow and ice due to severe balance issues; but because of the snow shoes and the groups support he was able to be outdoors, in the snow, for the first time in years. Some chose to take a short path to the top of the falls and others chose to snowshoe down the riverside to the lesser seen Koosah falls.

Snowshoeing TripThere is a look that I will never tire of seeing on trips like this one; a look that makes all the preparation and cleanup of a trip like this well worth it. It is a glow, a beaming that starts deep down and comes out through the eyes and cheeks of a person that just did something they had always wanted to do. Of a person who now has a story to go home and tell. Of a person who is standing a little bit taller because of what they just accomplished. I saw twelve of those looks that day, eleven in the seats behind me, and one in the rearview mirror as we all drove off the mountain together.

Post written by Josh Lutje.


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