Central Lane 9-1-1

Central Lane 9-1-1 is the communications gateway for regional emergency services.  We connect citizens with the public safety services they need.  We calmly guide callers through crisis, obtain and relay vital information, and provide radio support to fire, police and emergency medical responders.

Every day, when we come to work, we are:

Serving with Honor-Making a Difference
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 Learn more about the different ways Central Lane Communications serves the City and Region


Learn more about the governing structure and administration of Central Lane Communications

What Happens when I call 9-1-1?

  Learn more about how 9-1-1 works and what the Call Taker will want to know.

911 Recording Requests:

Recordings of 9-1-1 phone lines and Dispatch radio channels are retained for seven months.  To request a recording, print and complete this form and mail or deliver it and the initial fee to: 
    Eugene Police Records
    300 Country Club Road
    Eugene, OR 97401

Tours, Presentations, and Job Shadows 

Interested in learning more?  We can give a presentation to your group about how 9-1-1 works and the career opportunities we offer.  We also offer tours of the 9-1-1 center by appointment. To schedule a tour or a presentationemail us  or call 541-682-2771 during business hours.  For a .pdf virtual tour, click here.

To schedule a job-shadow at the Communications center, print and sign this form.  The completed, signed form can be scanned and emailed, faxed to 541-682-2770, or mailed to:      
    Central Lane Communications
    1735 W 2nd Ave
    Eugene, OR 97402

Ready to Join us?

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  Manager Pam Collett