Records Unit

Records Section Lobby Information

If you choose to respond to police headquarters to make a report, please be aware we are having longer wait times before speaking with an officer due to calls for service loads and limited staffing. You may want to bring along reading material or other items to help pass the time.

Effective Monday, August 29, the front lobby Records Section counter will be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The counter will be closed during other hours and weekends due to temporary staffing shortages. Currently, there are Records Section vacancies of more than 40%. Lobby access will remain open 24 hours for acceptance of bail payments for Eugene Municipal charges and use of the “Red Phone” (direct line to Communications/ Dispatch Center) if needed to initiate a call for service. All other services customarily handled at the window will be done during the reduced hours. 


Additionally, you can register a Potentially Dangerous Dog (PDD) via appointment only with an Animal Welfare Officer at the Police Department. Call 541/682-5748 to schedule an appointment. For dog licensing, please use the following for service: 

or 1-855-328-1400;

Greenhill Humane Society;

Participating local veterinarian clinics.

Records Section

The employees of the records section serve as the main public service counter for the Eugene Police Department and process the tens of thousands of police reports generated annually. In 2020 the Records Unit processed:

  • Over 21,000 - Police Reports
  • 5,700 - Traffic Citations
  • 6,100 - Warrants
  • 760 - Stolen Vehicle Reports
  • 276- Missing Person Reports