Police Administration and Finance

Operations Support Division Manager Tim Schuck

Police Administration and Finance Division

Manager Tim Schuck

EPD Finance

EPD has four sections of Financial Management:

  • Contract Management
    EPD has several contracts some of which bring revenue to the department and some of which we contract for services. Some of our larger contracts are with the School District, the U of O, CAHOOTS/White Bird Clinic and the Eugene Airport. We follow the city purchasing rules and work with the purchasing department when issuing request for proposals.
  • General Financial Management and Management of Section
    This area involves preparing the annual fiscal year budget and monitoring the expenses throughout the year to stay within budget. Primary expenses areas for EPD are staffing, overtime, training, vehicles, fuel, and the tools related to patrol duties. This area manages all the other financial areas in EPD and works in conjunction with city-wide financial policies and objectives as well as Senior Management of EPD.
  • Grant and Special Funds Managemen
    This area involves researching and managing law enforcement grants as well as managing special funds related to 911 and regional radio. We also manage forfeiture funding and issues related to abandoned property, revenues and donations.
  • Payroll and Personnel Management Payroll
    Payroll is processed every two weeks. With more than 300 employees in the department and two Labor Unions, there is a lot of behind the scenes work involved with hiring, promotions, retirements, terminations, and producing paychecks. There is also a lot of analytical work involved with determining proper pay for various decisions that must follow city policy and/or union regulations.