Crime Analysis

The Role of the Crime Analysis Unit

The Crime Analysis Unit (CAU) plays a vital role in the department’s data led policing program. The crime analysis function is performed by two civilian Crime Analysts, a Report & Data Program Coordinator and a Crime Analysis Supervisor. The CAU reports directly to the Chief Police. The CAU proactively:

  • Analyzes data to find:
    • crime patterns
    • trends and
    • problem areas
  • Evaluates findings for impact on police operations and methods
  • Works with other staff to develop strategy recommendations to address identified problems

Providing Data for Publications

In addition, the CAU produces periodic crime data for publication to the general public and for submission to data-gathering agencies such as Oregon State Police’s Criminal Justice Information Systems and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their Uniform Crime Reports. The crime analyst’s duties and responsibilities include providing analytical assistance to the Patrol and the Investigations Divisions as well as other department managers.

Providing Data for Internal Use

Internally, the crime analyst analyzes data to proactively find crime patterns, trends, and problem areas; evaluates findings for impact on police operations and methods; and works with other staff to develop strategy recommendations to address identified problems. The crime analyst also helps keep the department informed of regional and national trends and issues involving crimes and police practices.

Providing Data on a Needed Basis

The Data & Records Program Coordinator provides police activity information on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and special request basis to many different internal and external customers. On average, each month 80 routine reports and approximately 40 special request reports are completed. These include crime statistics citywide and by neighborhood or down to a specific address, information to determine a specific crime pattern for a set of crimes, maps that show crimes by neighborhood and citywide, and a wide variety of other information.