Virtual Safety Town

Eugene Safety Town

Your safety and your child’s health and safety are always our top priority!  To further limit the spread of COVID-19, the Eugene Police Department is once again offering our online virtual Safety Town Camp for 2021.  There are some new videos we created since last summer below.

Graduation: For fun when you and your child complete reviewing the information on this page, we have included a link to a certificate you can print off and write your child’s name on. 

Thank you for participating in our 2021 Virtual Safety Town and we hope you and your child enjoy the information!



Meet Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner

Chief Skinner will tell us why learning safety lessons is so important! Read more about Chris Skinner.

Street Crimes K9

Street Crimes Officer Kidd and K9 Jack

In this Safety Town video, we introduce you to two of our friends from the Street Crimes Unit, Officer Joe Kidd, and his K9 Partner Jack.  Officer Kidd is going to tell you about their very important jobs.

Mr. Yuk

Bicycle Safety

Mr. Yuk Poison Safety

In this Safety Town video, we are going to introduce you to a character called “Mr. Yuk.”  For information related to protecting children from some common poisons, follow this link: Poison Safety.  Parents interested in ordering a free sheet of “Mr. Yuk” poison safety stickers can follow this link: Mr. Yuk Stickers.

Bicycle Safety

In this Safety Town video, we talk about bicycle safety and the importance of having a properly fitted helmet and appropriately sized bicycle.  Follow this link for some great safety tips: Bicycle Safety.  For fun, check out these family friendly routes in Eugene and Springfield with an “I Spy” component for kids (and adults too!), by following this Google Maps link:  For some additional great bicycle safety tips, check out the links at the bottom half of the page after following this link: Bicycle Safety.

Meet a Eugene Police Officer

A Eugene Police Officer and Traffic Officer will take you on a quick tour of the vehicles they drive for their very important jobs at the Eugene Police Department. Find information about talks and tours which are typically offered to groups, most often for a classroom visit. Also check out a fun craft for kids to make a police hat, badge and vest.

Motorcycle Officer

Patrol Vehicle

Police Officer Uniform

Fire Safety

Meet some Eugene/Springfield Firefighters who will take you on a quick tour of the vehicles they drive for their very important jobs at the Eugene/Springfield Fire Department! Also click on this link for: information related to fire safety, including smoke alarms and how to create a fire escape plan and this one: for more safety information including games, videos and activities!

Fire Engine

Fire Fighting Gear

Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety

Eugene Emeralds Sluggo shows us the proper and safe way to cross the street. You will see our friend Sluggo look both ways, first left, then right, then left again, before he moves his feet. Sluggo also shows us how to be safe around parked cars, because we should never play or run around in parking lots. For more information that reinforces the important lessons Sluggo showed us related to pedestrian and parking lot safety, visit these sites: Pedestrian and Parking Lot Safety,  Crosswalk Campaign, How To Safely Cross The Street

Pedestrian Safety

Vehicle Safety

Animal Safety

Animal Welfare Supervisor Shannon Lighty, with the help of Community Engagement Team Program Managers Harlow Meno and Jeff Blondé, demonstrates the proper way to approach a dog we may want to pet or visit.  We don’t want anyone getting hurt, so first make sure you always ask permission of the adult you are with, also ask permission of the owner of the dog and then follow the other tips in our video.  For information about dog licensing and other frequently asked questions, visit our Animal Services web page.

Additional Safety Information

  • 911
    Check out the “Just For Kids!” section. It is very important to practice with your children, so they know not only their first name, but also last name, address and phone number. See information that will help with practicing that information.
  • Choking Safety
    See great tips to help prevent choking and strangulation.
  • Earthquake Safety
    Though Oregon is not known for having frequent large earthquakes, it is always good to be prepared. For some fun and interactive games, a downloadable activity book and other resources related to earthquakes/other natural disasters, please visit this website: Earthquakes/Natural Disasters
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  • Gun Safety
    The National Crime Prevention Council's website provides information related to gun safety. Click on the “Videos” button or “Watch The Videos” button. The first video, Molly’s Mischief, is the video we show at Safety Town.
  • Home Safety
    See information related to protecting children in your home. Also find some great home safety tips (some we covered in other subject areas and some we haven’t mentioned yet) from PeaceHealth.
  • Personal Safety/Safe Touch
    Watch the video, Safe Side Stranger Safety (by following the link just above), that we show at Safety Town (36 minutes). We recommend watching it in shorter segments and there are some natural breaks in the video. Also look for the book we use at our “in-person” camp, The Right Touch, by Sandra Kleven, which may be available at your local library for check out.
  • Playground Safety
    See information related to playground safety. Playgrounds can be a lot of fun, but they can also be dangerous, so make sure you take steps to ensure your child has a fun and safe visit to the playground.
  • Railroad Safety
    Watch a railroad safety video called Trains & Tracks by following this link: Trains & Tracks.
  • Scavenger Hunt
    See great scavenger hunt suggestions from Teacher Kevin at City of Eugene Recreation. Parents might like to do this along with the walking/bicycle interactive Mural Tour mentioned in our Bicycle Safety section, which has an “I Spy” element to it:
  • School Bus Safety
    See information about school bus safety. Drivers should always follow the speed limit and slow down in school zones and near bus stops. Remember to stay alert and look for kids who may be trying to get to or from the school bus. 
  • Water Safety
    Check out fun and informative videos about water safety. The website also includes a printable activity sheet (make sure you click the embedded links for grades K-2).

Disclaimer: All the website references were found doing a simple internet search and are not the only resources available for these subjects. Please feel free to look at these sites to see if they suit your family views and safety needs. If they do not, please feel free to do further research, as this list is meant to be a resource to help you get started. Thank you!