Protect Your Business

Trespass Letter Program

The Eugene Police Department maintains a Trespass Letter of Consent program to assist business and property owners in handling trespass issues. 

Rental Property Program

This program is for rental property owners and managers. This program was developed to assist owners/managers of rental properties with problem tenants, aid in making managers more aware of activity on or around their properties, reduce police calls for service to certain locations and build a stronger relationship between law enforcement and the rental community.

Burglary/Robbery Prevention

A burglary is when someone breaks into your building and usually steals something from inside, but they do not use a threat or force against a person while doing so. In most cases, the burglar is never seen. Burglary is often confused with robbery. A robbery is when the criminal uses force or a threat against a person during the commission of the crime. The prevention/safety tips for these two types of crimes are different. The Crime Prevention Specialist assigned to your area/"beat" can provide crime prevention information about both of these crimes. My "Beat" - My Crime Prevention Specialist. See our Guide to Robbery Prevention & Response to Robbery for more detailed information.


EPD has created a helpful shoplifting manual to assist businesses with information about shoplifting enforcement and prevention. Shoplifting Manual  For additional information please contact Crime Prevention Specialist Steven Chambers, 541-682-5178.

Video Evidence Collection

Please view the following information about collecting video evidence to help our investigation: