Boards and Commissions

Eugene's boards and commissions are citizen advisory groups that provide an invaluable service to our city by advising City Council and City staff on a wide variety of subjects and making policy recommendations. Recruitment and selection of members generally takes place from January through March each year. Please see below for two off-cycle openings:

Eugene Toxics Board: 1 Industry Position

The City of Eugene is seeking interested business members to serve on the Eugene Toxics Board. There is one Industry position vacancy with a term that begins immediately, and ends on July 31, 2019. For the Industry position, the appointee is required to be an employee or agent of a business that reports hazardous substances under the program.

The Eugene Toxics Board is a seven member advisory board responsible for policy development and oversight of the Eugene Toxics Right-to-Know Program, which requires public reporting of hazardous substance use by local manufacturers. Toxics Board members are appointed by the City Council.

The Toxics Board meets approximately six times per year, and the meeting schedule varies. Volunteering to serve on the Toxics Board requires approximately seven hours per month of your time, which will be dedicated to meetings, project work, and attendance at community events. Additional information about the Toxics Board and an online application form is available at To discuss the appointment process or the Toxics Board’s responsibilities, contact Program Manager Jo Eppli at 541-682-7118 or via email at

Open until filled. Apply here.

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