Boards and Commissions

Boards and Commissions Openings

The annual recruitment and selection for the City's boards and commissions occurs every year from January to June. 

Occasionally, there are openings on the City's boards and commissions that occur outside of the regular recruitment period. As these openings occur, they will be posted below and applications will be available through the Online Application page.

Currently, the City of Eugene has two opportunities to participate in a board or commission. The Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA) Board of Directors has one opening and the Riverfront Renewal Guides is recruiting 7 new members as a new advisory committee. See below for more information and details.

Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA)

The LRAPA has one opening on its Board of Directors. Applications will be accepted through September 8, 2017.

LRAPA was established in 1968 to achieve and maintain clean air in Lane County, Oregon, in a manner consistent with local priorities and goals. LRAPA is a regional air quality control authority authorized by state statute and established by a local intergovernmental agreement between Lane County and the cities of Cottage Grove, Eugene, Oakridge and Springfield.

The LRAPA Board of Directors is a nine-member board which meets monthly to establish policy and adopt agency regulations. The Board includes four representatives from the City of Eugene, three City Council appointees and one City Councilor. The Board has ten regular meetings per year. The meetings are currently scheduled on the third Thursday of each month, except in the months of August and December.  

Riverfront Renewal Guides

The Riverfront Renewal Guides (River Guides) is an advisory committee for the Riverfront Urban Renewal District activities. One of the primary focuses within the District will be with the riverfront redevelopment, which could involve investments in infrastructure, roads, sidewalks, railroad access, housing, commercial, and a world class park. The River Guides will have an important role in the riverfront development, providing a broad perspective and diverse insights on the transformation of the riverfront to create an active place for the entire community. The deadline to apply for the River Guides is September 25, 2017.

Members will be expected to:

  • Have or develop a basic understanding of the projects and requirements in the Riverfront Urban Renewal Plan.
  • Meet as needed, review meeting materials, and provide input to advise on best outcomes for the community.

A total of 7 members will be appointed to the committee. These 7 members will represent the richness of the community’s perspectives, neighborhoods, and population demographics. A long term commitment to serve is preferred but not required. The Urban Renewal Agency Board (aka City Council) seeks to have a mix of constituent representatives*, including, but not limited to:

  • Riverfront stakeholder(s) (resident, property/business owner)
  • Representative(s) from the general public
  • Member(s) with development/financial/architecture expertise
  • Member(s) with ecological/sustainability/river conservation group expertise
  • Member(s) on other City committee(s) (e.g. Budget Committee, Human Rights Commission, Housing Policy Board, Quiet Zone Panel, Parks & Rec Board, Sustainability Commission, Planning Commission)
  • Riverfront partner agency(s) (e.g. UO, LTD, Parks Foundation)

*One person may be able to represent more than one interest (for example, a Riverfront District resident with financial expertise.)

Selection Process

The Mayor will review applications and recommend 7 individuals for Agency Board consideration this fall (likely in October).The Agency Board will then select the committee. The River Guides orientation meeting will likely take place at the end of October or in early November.

For more information, please contact Amanda Nobel Flannery at 541-682-5535 or

Additional Information 

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