Resources for Planning Commissioners

Oregon Government Standards and Practices Laws

The document entitled A Guide for Public Officials (pdf) contains information on conflict of interest, use of office to obtain financial gain, gifts, honoraria, statements of economic interest, post-employment "revolving door" regulations, government standards and practices commission process.

Oregon Statewide Planning Goals

Since 1973, Oregon has maintained a strong statewide program for land use planning. The foundation of that program is a set of 19 Statewide Planning Goals.  

Eugene Code Enabling Legislation and Bylaws

Meeting Information

Oregon Open Meetings Law

Attorney General: Public Meetings Manual, 2019:


Four members of the commission shall constitute a quorum. (City Code 2.345(2) Section 2.345 amended by Ordinance No. 20100, enacted December 1, 1997, effective December 31, 1997; and by Ordinance No. 20410, enacted June 9, 2008, effective July 11, 2008.)

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