Planning Commission

The Role of the Planning Commission
The planning commission is appointed by the city council to help plan for growth and development within the city. Members of the planning commission provide an invaluable service to our community. They advise the city council and city staff on a variety of subjects by making recommendations on important policy matters affecting the livability of Eugene. Without their assistance, many complex and significant matters might not be brought to the city council’s attention and risk receiving only a limited review.

Now, especially, is a critical time for the planning commission to make a difference in Eugene’s future as Eugene is in the midst of many important projects that will define our community’s character for years to come. For more information, feel free to email the planning commission.
Meet the Planning Commission
John Jaworski
Kristen Taylor2
Steve Baker
John Jaworski
Kristen Taylor,
Steve Baker
John Barofsky2
John Barofsky
Jeffrey Mills
Jeffrey Mills
Bree Nicolello2
Bill Randall
Bree Nicolello
William Randall
Each commissioner has one or more assignments, serving as planning commission representative at council hearings or representing the commission as a member of an advisory committee.