West Eugene Enterprise Zone

Map of West Eugene Enterprise Zone Opens in new windowThe West Eugene Enterprise Zone, established in 2005, is jointly sponsored by the City of Eugene and Lane County. The Zone was re-designated by the State of Oregon in 2016 for an additional ten-year period. The primary purpose of the Zone is to stimulate new investments that create jobs. Eligible new investments within the Zone can be exempted from property taxes for a period of three years, and potentially up to five years. Timely submittal of an Oregon Enterprise Zone Authorization Application prior to making an eligible investment is critical for program eligibility. If you are considering an investment within the West Eugene Enterprise Zone, contact Amanda D’Souza at 541-682-5540. Click here to check if your business is located within the designated zone.

Business Firm Eligibility

Prior to commencing construction/installations, an eligible business firm submits an application in order for local officials to "authorize" it. Eligible firms include manufacturers, processors, distributors, warehouses, maintenance facilities and other operations that serve other businesses, as well as headquarters and call centers. Otherwise, retail, construction, financial and certain other activities are explicitly ineligible.

Qualified Property

A new building, modification/addition to a building, or new machinery or equipment may qualify for an exemption. Land, existing buildings, existing machinery and equipment, and minor personal property items are not eligible for the exemption. In order for the business firm to qualify include:

Three–year Enterprise Zone Exemption

Increase full-time, permanent employment of the firm inside the enterprise zone by the greater of one new job or ten percent (10%).

  • Enter into first-source agreement with local job training providers
  • Maintain employment levels during exemption period
  • No concurrent job losses more than 30 miles from the zone
  • Satisfy local additional conditions, imposed in the West Eugene Enterprise Zone
  • Zone Sponsor may waive the required employment increase for investments of $25 million or more

Extended Exemption

Four or five years of exemption in total can be granted with special approval from the Zone Sponsor. The requirements include the basic three–year requirements, plus:

  • Compensation for new jobs created must be at least 150 percent of the average wage for Lane County
  • Local approval by written agreement with the local Zone Sponsor
  • Additional requirements that the local zone sponsor may reasonably request

West Eugene Enterprise Zone Map

Use the map below to locate your property in the West Eugene Enterprise Zone.  For more information about your property contact Business Development Analyst Amanda D’Souza via email or phone 541-682-5540.