EUG Loans

Supporting Economic Growth Through Loans

To support economic growth, the City of Eugene works with businesses and developers using available tools.

Types of Loans

  1. Art Loans

    Art Loans

    Art Loans are a way for new or existing businesses and nonprofits to contribute to the creative vibe in Eugene while boosting their bottom line.
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  2. Downtown Loan Icon
    Downtown Loans

    Downtown Loans are meant to encourage investments within the Downtown Urban Renewal District in ways that contribute to economic vibrancy and established goals.
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  1. Business Growth Loan icon

    Business Growth Loans

    Business Grown Loans are accessible for new and existing businesses and nonprofits in Eugene to create jobs while stimulating private sector investment.
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  2. River Loan icon
    River Loans

    River Loans offer flexible financing to support investments within the Riverfront Urban Renewal District and encourage a robust and thriving area.
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Contact Us

  1. Aaron Doreen

    Business Loan Analyst
    99 W 10th Ave
    Eugene, OR 97401
    Ph: 541-682-5448
    Fx: 541-682-5572