South Ridgeline Habitat Study

South Ridgeline Habitat Study (SRHS)

An inventory and proposal for conserving important wildlife habitat areas in the south hills of Eugene-

In 2005, the South Ridgeline Habitat Study was initiated to study potentially important upland plant and wildlife habitat areas on approximately 2,700 acres near the ridgeline of the south hills. This study will be the basis of future recommendations on possible protection measures or conservation incentive programs for important south ridgeline habitats. The inventory phase of the study was completed in 2006 and the final report was issued in 2007.

Information on the various forms of public engagement on this project are provided through the links on this page. A community task group was formed to discuss the inventory report and develop a conservation proposal that was forwarded to the planning commission for their review in 2008. This diverse group of nine Eugene citizens was drawn from a broad range of communities of interest, including property owners, developers, business owners and environmental and recreational advocates. In addition, a series of eight public meetings and workshops were held to gather community input on the inventory work as well as the conservation proposal.