Eugene Comprehensive Lands Assessment

Eugene Comprehensive Lands Assessment (ECLA)

In January 2008, the Eugene City Council directed staff to conduct an inventory and assessment of residential, industrial and commercial lands, as well as land for public uses such as parks, open space, and schools. This was in response to Oregon House Bill 3337, passed by the 2007 Oregon Legislature, which required Eugene and Springfield to each establish separate urban growth boundaries (UGBs), by dividing the metropolitan boundary that the cities have shared since 1982.

This project is now complete. The final report is the basis for Envision Eugene, which is the community process for looking at the best ways to accommodate future growth.

Park land
Residential land use

Included in the Study

Consultants at ECONorthwest conducted ECLA, within the Eugene urban growth boundary. The project began in 2008 and was completed in 2010. The study included an inventory of buildable lands within the city’s UGB, an estimate of need for land for residential uses, an estimate of need for land for commercial, industrial, and public uses, and a determination of whether the city has sufficient land within the UGB to meet the estimated needs if policies remained unchanged.

Community Involvement

A 15-member community advisory committee (CAC) was established to provide guidance from the community to the City on the technical analysis that occurred. A technical advisory committee (TAC) was also established that was comprised of key City partner agencies.