Report a Parking Problem

Reporting a Problem

Spot a parking problem?  Let us know!
  • Report a broken parking meter by calling 541-682-5729 with the meter number.
    • If you are parking at the meter, leave a note on your car (either on your dashboard or under the wiper) as well as on the meter to bring it to the attention of the Parking Enforcement Officers. You can park at a broken meter for the maximum time limit noted on the meter. Parking beyond the maximum time limit may result in a parking citation being issued.
  • Report a car parked on the street in the same location for over 72 hours.
    • Once a report is filed, Parking Services will be dispatched to place a 72 hour warning sticker on the vehicle.After 72 hours has expired, if the vehicle has not complied with the code, a citation will be issued and a notice for tow will be posted.After an additional 72 hours, if the vehicle has not moved, a tow truck will be dispatched to remove the vehicle.If at any time during the process the vehicle is moved the case is closed and no further action will be taken unless reported again.