Residential Permits

Residential Permits are available to renters and homeowners whose property address is within a City Residential Zone boundary. To see if your address is eligible, search for your address using the Interactive Parking Map below:

If your address is outside of a residential zone, you may still apply for a Monthly Commuter Permit at one of the City's downtown lots or garages. Monthly Commuter Permits do not have address eligibility requirements and are subject to availability. For more information, see our Monthly Commuter Permit page:

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Residential Permits are issued at:

  • Residential Zone Permits
  • Guest Permits
  • Space Rental Permits for contractors/moving services
  • Service Permits for contracted caregivers

Current Residential Parking Permit Customers:

We've already transferred your account information from IPS to AIMS. You will not need to re-register in AIMS. When you log in for the first time, you will just need to create a new password. After that, you can apply for your new residential permit. 

Step 1: Create a New Password to Login in AIMS

Step 2: Order A New Residential Permit

Per City Admin Order, we will verify eligibility based on your Proof of Residency, Photo ID, and Vehicle Registration. You will need to upload all three of these documents with every application. We allow one vehicle per permit.

New Residential Parking Permit Customers: 

If you are a new customer, please register an account at After registering, you will be able to apply for a new residential parking permit. You will only be shown permit types that are available in your residential zone. 

Step 1: Register a New Account in AIMS

Step 2: Order A New Residential Permit

Attention Students:

To qualify for a homeowner permit, you must submit a property deed or Lane County Tax Statement showing ownership. If you rent, you may apply for a Renters Quarterly Permit using a current lease agreement or recent utility bill/bank statement (dated within 30 days). Renters permits in Zones B, C, and H are issued on a quarterly cycle:

Q1: Jan-Feb-Mar

Q2: Apr-May-Jun

Q3: Jul-Aug-Sep

Q4: Oct-Nov-Dec

You must reapply for parking each quarter via your account at You must submit valid Proof of Residency, Photo ID, and DMV-issued Vehicle Registration each time you apply for a new permit. We do not retain your documentation beyond verifying address eligibility. 

If your address is not located within a City Residential Zone, you may apply for a monthly commuter permit at a downtown lot or garage. Monthly commuter permits are issued at You can search address eligibility here:

Refund Policy

Residential Permits are intended for long-term parking and are nonrefundable. Short-term monthly commuter permits are available in downtown lots and garages, as well as in Zones C, D, and Zone 40. Visit our Commuter Parking page for details on month-to-month parking permits:

Permit Application FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the permit application process can be found here: Permit Application FAQ

Required Documents for a Residential Parking Permit

Per City Admin Order, Eugene Parking Services requires the following documentation for residential permit issuance: Proof of Residency, Valid Photo ID, and Valid Vehicle Registration. Documents can be uploaded with your online application at

 If you are unable to upload your documents with your application, you can email a picture or scan of your documents to

Physical photocopies of your required documents can also be mailed to:

Attn: Parking Services

99 W. 10th Ave.

Eugene, OR 97401

Proof of Residency Requirements

As part of the online permit application, you will need to upload current proof of residency with your name and address. The following are acceptable as proof of residency:

  • Recent bank or credit card statement. Must be sent to you with your name and your address within the last 30 days. (No online prints/verification)
  • Utility bill in your name and address within the last 30 days. This includes electric, gas, phone, cable or internet. Online verification acceptable if it is clearly identifiable of service location not just mailing address.
  • Oregon driver’s license/ID without sticker or provisional. Driver’s license or ID must be valid and show current address. Out-of-state IDs are not accepted as proof of residency, but may be used for Photo ID requirements.
  • Current lease/rental agreement. Name, address, and occupancy dates must be clearly identified. Scanned PDF copies are okay. If no formal agreement, a memorandum can be used on rental company official letterhead. Documents must have valid signatures reflecting the applicants name and a current date range of occupancy that includes the dates for which the permit is being applied for.
  • Property tax statement or deed (Required for Homeowner Permits). Name and address should be clearly identified. 

Homeowner: An owner/occupant who (1) is an owner of record of the property as shown on the most recent Lane County Assessor’s tax roll, and (2) occupies a dwelling on the property for a minimum of 6 months of each calendar year. Prior to permit issuance, the owner/occupant must provide the city with a copy of the property deed or property tax statement to verify ownership. 

Long-Term Renter: A person who does not own the property but has resided at the address associated with the property for more than four years. Prior to permit issuance, the occupant must provide the city with sufficient documentation to verify the 4+ year occupancy requirement. Acceptable documentation includes original lease/rental agreement plus: recent utility bill or bank statement, renter's insurance statement, voter’s registration, valid Oregon driver’s license with current address, or recent income tax filing. It is the customer's responsibility to show long term residency per the above documents.

Photo ID and Registration Requirements

In addition to Proof of Residency, the following documents are required for residential parking permits:

  • Photo identification: Valid driver’s license or state-issued ID, passport, military ID, or student ID card showing current term.
  • Current and Valid Vehicle Registration: Required for each vehicle for which you wish to have a permit. We allow one vehicle per permit. Registration must be in your name or your parent’s name. Temporary registrations, title transfers, or bills of sale will be reviewed on an individual basis. 

Residential Parking Permit Rates

Don't know your zone? Find your parking permit zone with our Interactive Parking Zone Map.

Residential Parking Permit Zone
Zone A, E, F, G
$40.00 per year
Zone B, C - Quarterly Permit
$99.00 per quarter
Zone B, C - Homeowner/Long-Term Resident (see description)$40.00 per year
Zone H - Quarterly Permit
$150.00 per quarter
Zone J
First two free, $40 per year for additional
2-Hour Parking Sign Zone A

All residential parking zones allow two-hour parking without a permit during designated times. All zones are posted with signs indicating when the two-hour parking limit is enforced. With an appropriate residential parking permit, you may park beyond the posted time limits. Please note that the maximum number of permits issued is five (5) for properties in Zones A, E, F, G, and J

Guest Permits

Free visitor Guest Permits are available to eligible zone residents, whether or not you have an active residential parking permit. Guest Permits are applied for and issued online, and can be requested up to 5 days in advance and issued for durations of up to 3 days. Guest permit issuance is subject to eligibility requirements and availability.

Guest Permit FAQ

  • How do I get a guest permit?
  • What documents are needed for Guest Permit eligibility? 
    • Active residential permit holders do not need to provide additional documents.
    • If you do not have an active residential zone permit in your name, you will need to upload Proof of Residency with your application. 
  • How long does it take to get a Guest Permit?
    • Active residential permit holders will be able to self-issue guest permits immediately upon submitting an online application.
    • Non-Active Resident permits require Proof of Residency to be uploaded with your application. Applications are typically processed within 1-2 business days, but may take longer during quarterly or yearly renewal periods. 
  • If permits are digital, how will you know my guest has a permit?
    • During the online application process, you will have the option to enter your guest's vehicle information. Our enforcement vehicles use license plate recognition to identify valid permits. If you do not know your guest's vehicle information,  you will have the option to skip this step and print a blank permit upon approval. Blank permits should be filled out and displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle.
  • When do I need a Guest Permit?
    • If you live in a regulated residential zone, your guest will need a permit to park on the street in excess of the posted time limits during regulated parking hours.
  • How long are guest permits issued for?
    • Guest Permits can be issued for up to 3-day durations. If you need a guest permit for longer, you will have to submit additional applications. Issuance is subject to eligibility and availability. 

Service Permit (Exemption Permit)

Service Permits are free 1-year permits issued for routine, long-term services being performed at an address in a residential parking zone. Examples of these type of services include: housekeeping, childcare, in-home caregiving, and lawn care. These permits are available to eligible residents only and must be used in the zone listed on the permit.

What documentation do I upload with my Service Permit application?

  • Proof of Residency
  • A signed contract between the resident and service provider. The contract should include: 
    • Date of agreement, address of service, type and frequency of service, name and vehicle information for service provider, and signatures from both parties.  A vehicle license plate for the service provider is required.