Residential Permits

August 17 - New Enrollment Period Begins 

The renewal period for City of Eugene residential parking permits is quickly approaching. Many existing 1-year residential permits are set to expire on 8/31/20. Parking Services will open permit enrollment to homeowners and long-term renters prior to opening enrollment to other customers. Please review the following enrollment timeline to ensure there is no lapse in your permit:


Permit Enrollment Timeline: 

  • August 17th — Homeowners and long-term renters (4+ continuous years) are able to renew or apply for a new permit through the online Permit Portal
  • August 24th — Residential parking permit enrollment will become available to all other residential permit customers. 
  • September 1st — New yearly residential permit period begins. 

All parking permits, including Guest Permits, are now applied for, processed, and issued digitally. If you have never used our online system to apply for a permit, learn how to register a new account here. 


If you've already registered an account at the Permit Portal, you can view step-by-step instructions for applying for a permit here


We’re excited to continue improving your public parking experience. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. 


Residents whose property is in a designated zone A, B, C, E, F, G, H, or J area may be eligible to purchase a residential permit which allows residents to park beyond the posted time limits within the appropriate permit zone. Permits must be displayed on the left side of the rear bumper. Vehicles with permits that are not displayed correctly will be ticketed.

All residential parking zone areas allow two-hour parking without a permit during designated times. All zone areas are posted with signs stating the time of day when the two-hour parking limit is enforced. With the appropriate zone permit, you may park beyond the posted time limits. Parking permit rates vary depending on the zone - see the Rates page for more information.

Please note that the maximum number of permits issued is five (5) for properties in Zones A, E, F, G, and J. Eugene City Code allows up to five unrelated persons to live in a residence (see Chapter 9.0500 below or via the link).

City Code Chapter 9.0500:

Family. A person living alone, or any of the following groups living together as a single nonprofit housekeeping unit and sharing common living, sleeping, cooking and eating facilities:

(A) Any number of persons related by blood, marriage, adoption, guardianship or other duly-authorized custodial relationship;

(B) A maximum of 5 unrelated persons;

(C) Two unrelated persons and any parents or children related to either.

Guest Permits

Guest permits are available free of charge in all zones to eligible residents for visitors staying longer than two hours during the posted times. Guest permits are obtainable only by an eligible resident. Residents not currently using the parking program must provide the required information to obtain a guest permit.

How to Purchase a Residential Parking Permit

The City of Eugene has implemented an online residential permit management system though IPS, The Permit Portal. All residential parking permits, including Zone J free permits, are now issued through this system. All required documents can now be submitted online and permits are digital and assigned to your license plate.

The following information will need to be uploaded to your application in PDF, JPG, or JPEG file format: 

  1. Current Proof of Residency
  2. Photo ID
  3. Vehicle Registration
  4. Returning Customers: Please have permit number ready
  5. Valid email address

Steps to Purchase Your Permit

  1. Create an account on the IPS Permit Portal
    Detailed Instructions: Residential Permits: How To Register [PDF]
  2. Select the permit type you wish to purchase
    Detailed instructions: How to Purchase a Permit [PDF]

Administrative Rule

Residential Permit Parking Zone Regulations: Administrative Rule R-5.040