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Residential Parking Permit Renewals

Renew Your Residential Parking Permit

It's time to renew your residential parking permit.

You can check the expiration date of your permit(s) by logging into your account on our AIMS parking system.

Please note: We switched to the AIMS parking permit management system for residential parking permits in 2021. If you have not renewed a permit since before 2021, this may be your first time logging-in to the AIMS system, but there should already be a premade account setup for you.

How to login for the first time:

1. Go to AIMS

2. Click "forgot password"

3. Then you can login to your premade account, which will have your IPS permit data already transferred in.

 If you experience any difficulty logging in to the AIMS system, please reach out to the City of Eugene Parking team for help at:

Learn more about Residential Parking Permits in Eugene.

Ongoing Changes and Improvements

Parking Rate Changes

Administrative Order 53-22-02-F establishes updates to the Parking Fee Schedule, effective June 6, 2022. Key updates include:

  • Increases monthly rate of Zone D permits  to $125/mo.
  • Establishes $60 monthly permits in Riverfront East lot.
  • Clarity that garage permits/validations cannot supersede Special Event Parking fees during signed events.
  • Updates the hourly parking fee schedule in the Overpark and Parcade garages (table below).

Overpark/Parcade Hourly Rates:

TimeAmount Due
0-59 minutes$0.00
1 hour - 1 hour and 59 minutes$1.00
2 hours - 2 hours and 59 minutes$2.00
3 hours - 3 hours and 59 minutes$3.00
4 hours - 4 hours and 59 minutes$4.00
5 hours - 5 hours and 59 minutes$5.00
6 hours  or more, daily rate of$8.00

Parcade and Overpark Changes

The gate arms in the Parcade and Overpark Garages are now lowered. The gates had been raised for the past few months while we worked to update our garage technology. Permit holders no longer need RFID fobs to access the garage. Instead, license plate recognition cameras will scan the rear license plate and determine whether it's linked to a valid permit. Vehicles assigned to a valid permit will automatically raise the gate arms upon entry and exit. 

Customers without a permit can still pay for daily usage by taking a paper ticket at the kiosk, or by using their phone number or credit card number to digitally issue a daily parking ticket. Customers interested in obtaining a new Parcade or Overpark garage permit can visit our commuter parking page for more information:

Garage Support

We are encouraging all current permit holders to verify that their permit information is accurate in their online account at Any changes that need to be made to permit accounts should be emailed to as soon as possible.