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The Planning Division

The Planning Division encompasses current and community planning and strives to promote a livable, sustainable, beautiful, and prosperous Eugene by facilitating the community's vision implemented through adopted policies, plans, and partnerships.

  • Increase community livability and quality of life through managed growth that is consistent with the pillars of Envision Eugene
  • Facilitate development that incorporates quality urban design and protection of historic and natural resources
  • Facilitate community dialogue and understanding of land use planning issues
  • Ensure that development standards of the land use code are met with each development
  • Collaborate with neighboring jurisdictions to provide regional comprehensive planning
  • Continually adjust and improve policies and regulations, through ongoing monitoring of land use factors, to better meet community best outcomes

Permit Information Center Open for Business with Modifications

The Permit and Information Center will continue to provide our regular services to the community. However, to take preventative measures for community member and staff safety against the spread of COVID-19, in-person lobby services will be suspended as of Thursday March 19 at NOON until further notice. 

Learn more here.

EUG Planning Newsletter

We continue our focus on implementing our community vision. Stay up to date with planning projects and programs by subscribing to the monthly EUG Planning Newsletter.

Urban Design

Urban Design is the process of shaping the physical setting for life in our city; it operates at the intersection of architecture, city planning, transportation and engineering, real estate economics, landscape design, and ecology. The result is a comprehensive approach to every project that uplifts the social, environmental, and financial quality of the buildings, streets, sidewalks, and spaces where we play out our lives.

Urban Design

Historic Preservation

Eugene’s Historic Preservation Program seeks to increase public awareness of this history and character and to facilitate preservation, restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures, landscape features, and other culturally significant objects and areas. Just as the Willamette River, Skinner and Spencer Buttes, and the Cascades define Eugene’s natural surroundings, our historic buildings and neighborhoods trace Eugene’s history and help define the character of our city and of the Northwest.

Historic Preservation