Teen, 12-18

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  • Classes are offered in arts, dance and drama, martial arts, games and sports and more.
  • Outdoor classes are offered in stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking, rafting, mt. biking, sailing, skateboarding, skiing, snowshoeing and more.
  • Aquatic classes are offered in swim lessons, springboard diving, water polo, junior aquatic staff, lifeguarding and more.

For a current listing of offerings browse our online recreation guide or register online.

Resolve Youth Restorative Justice

(Ages 12-17)

Make a difference in your community through service with Resolve Youth Restorative Justice. As a youth volunteer, you will have the opportunity to listen to the testimonies of your peers, collaborate with others, and give accountable youth the chance to take responsibility for their actions. 

Resolve is a restorative justice program that allows youth who have committed non-violent crimes an opportunity to repair harm. Through a partnership with the Lane County Department of Youth Services, our program is forwarded cases appropriate for youth volunteers to work with. Together, volunteers, accountable youth and staff circle up and engage in open, honest dialogue. The group decides restorative actions that allow for closure and healing for the accountable youth, their family, and the community. Our volunteers actively support their peers, while accountable youth are provided a contract unique to them. More Resolve Info

Youth Inclusion Services

Inclusion Services are available by discussing the request with the person taking your registration and/or requesting accommodations using a Youth Inclusion Services Request form. Once a request has been received, a Recreation staff member will contact you. Visit our Inclusion Services page for more information.


(Ages 12-18)

Fridays • 5-9 p.m.  FREE

Petersen Barn Community Center

Come join us at Petersen Barn Community Center every Friday night from 5-9 p.m. for loads of fun! We have free food, drinks and tons of activities and games to play. Featuring video games, VR headsets, table tennis arcade basketball, air hockey and more. Drop-in and grab a bite to eat, play some games or just chill with us! For more information call or text 541-321-2958.

Recreation Apprentice Program (RAP)

(Ages 14-17)

Petersen Barn Community Center

A part of Eugene Rec's Teen Empowerment Program

What is the RAP program?

  • The RAP program gives 14-17-year old’s the opportunity to gain job skills while working in Recreation programs: youth camps, recreation classes and preschool. 
  • RAP participants will receive general recreation trainings such as Positive Behavior Management, Work-Team Development and Growth Mindset to mention a few. RAP participants will also receive industry training including CPR, First-Aid and Food Handlers Permit.
  • While in the program participants will work on a resume, learn to write a letter of interest, and conduct interview practices both as the interviewer and interviewee.
  • Periodically throughout the program we will go on team building fun field trips.
  • Upon completion of the program RAP Participants will receive a letter or recommendation and be encouraged to apply for a recreation staff position.
  • Hours for this program can be used towards school community service program hours.

How many hours/weeks is this program?

  • We will work with participants to create a consistent schedule in the program.
  • In the summer we will ask RAP participants to work 10-20 hours per week for 6-8 weeks.
  • During the school year participants will have the opportunity to work between 3-8 hours per week per term (fall, winter, spring).

 How do I join the RAP program?

Contact Oliver Redig at 541-682-6380 to set up an interest meeting. In the interest meeting, we will ask you questions about your hobbies, goals and interest in applying for the RAP program. Complete and pass a background check and a liability waiver form.