Teen, 12-18

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  • Classes are offered in arts, dance and drama, martial arts, games and sports and more.
  • Outdoor classes are offered in stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking, rafting, mt. biking, sailing, skateboarding, skiing, snowshoeing and more.
  • Aquatic classes are offered in swim lessons, springboard diving, water polo, junior aquatic staff, lifeguarding and more.

For a current listing of offerings browse our online recreation guide or register online.

Teen Court

(Ages 12-17)

Make a difference in your community through service in the Eugene Teen Court. As a court member, you will gain experience in decision making, communication, law and ethics. You will give youthful defendants an opportunity to take responsibility for their actions through this diversion program. Help your fellow students, your community and yourself through this important volunteer service.

Eugene Teen Court holds peer hearings to recommend consequences for qualifying nonviolent juvenile offenders. Participation by defendants is voluntary and limited to those admitting guilt.

Youths act as jurors, case presenters, accountable youth advisers, bailiffs and court clerks. Courtroom outcomes are recognized by the Lane County Department of Youth Services.

If you are 12-17 years old, you may qualify as a court member. Teen Court volunteer hours apply towards most school community service requirements. 

More Teen Court Info

Other Teen Opportunities

Choose from dynamic opportunities for self-expression and personal growth. These groups set their own goals and activities.

ACT-SO (Afro-American Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics) Ages 14-18

ACT-SO is an enrichment program designed to recruit, stimulate, improve and encourage high academic achievement among African American high school students. Community volunteers mentor high school students to promote academic and artistic excellence. Contact Peter Chavannes at 541-682-6359.

Y2MiH (Youth 2 Make it Happen) Ages 14-18

Are you an artist? Play in a band? Want to put on a dance or a play? Want to make an impact in your community by organizing a special event? If any of these sound like you, let the Recreation Division contribute resources, facilities and support to your event. Y2MiH works with high school students who want their voices heard, their vision seen and their ideas shared. Contact Tanya Thornton at 541-682-6042.