Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Updated November 30, 2021

Swim Lessons Update

Swim lessons will now require one accompanying adult in the water and physical distancing. All instruction will be from the pool deck.

Registration dates

Echo Hollow Pool

Jan 3-27   4 weeks - Registration noon, Dec 30

Jan 31-Feb 24   4 weeks - Registration noon, Jan 27

Feb 28-Mar 17   3 weeks - Registration noon, Feb 24

Mar 28-Apr 28   5 weeks - Registration noon, Mar 17

May 2-26   4 weeks - Registration noon, Apr 28

Swim Lesson Overview

The City of Eugene Aquatics provides an extensive learn-to-swim program. Our classes operate in facilities with lifeguards on deck, trained instructors and a dedication to developing strong swimmers in a safe and fun environment.

Lessons are divided into sessions that have 8 to 10 individual lessons. Lessons are 30 minutes and offered primarily in the evening during the school year and all day in the summer.

For a current listing of offerings browse our online recreation guide or register online. To ensure your swimmer is placed in the appropriate level, please only register for one session at a time.

Swim Lessons & Other Classes

For fairness and equity in access to our program, we only allow registration for one session at a time for group lessons. If multiple sessions are registered for online for a group lesson, Aquatics staff reserves the right to withdraw and credit swimmers for future lessons.

Parent/Child Lessons Ages 6 months-3 years with parent

Introducing your young one to an aquatic environment as early as possible sets the groundwork for a future of comfortably enjoying water. These classes focus specifically on water acclimation and basic safety for you and your child around water.

Preschool Levels Ages 3-5

Learning to swim at an early age gives children a benefit that will last a lifetime and will let them safely engage in other water activities throughout their lives. Our preschool lesson program focuses on skill development through games and fun with a curriculum that works on advancing children through skill levels at their own pace.

Elementary Levels Ages 6-13

These lessons focus on progression based skill development for school-aged children in a safe and fun environment. Swimmers from beginners to advanced will work on technique development in a group setting.

Middle School Levels Ages 11-13

Recognizing the advanced coordination and increased attention span of middle school swimmers, these lengthier classes focus on quickly developing water safe swimmers in a setting with their peers. Initial focus on body position and breath control, these classes quickly move towards stroke development.

Teen/Adult Lessons Ages 14+

From first putting your toes in a pool to the proper way to do a flip turn, these lessons focus on individualized skill development in a group setting. Instructors will first determine what you would like to work on, then set out a path for achieving that goal. Portions of these classes are set aside for practice time so you can work on your skills at your own pace.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way for swimmers of all abilities to work on quickly developing their individual skills. From beginners looking for help with water acclimation through lap swimmers working on the finer points of swimming butterfly, a private lesson can be tailored to fit any of your aquatic needs. Private lessons run in the same times and sessions as group lessons and can often be accommodated at times that aren’t advertised.

Other Classes

Not interested in swim lessons? We have other youth programs that run at different times throughout the year that offer specialty instruction in different facets of aquatics fun. Mask, Fins and Snorkel, Springboard Diving, Inner Tube Water Polo, and even Open Session Kayak training are all available at different facilities throughout the year. Contact a facility near you for information regarding special aquatic classes.