Equipment and Room Rentals

Adaptive Recreation provides the community with accessible equipment and facilities. Rent one of our facilities for your next family gathering or event. Take a virtual tour of Washington Park Community Center or Hilyard Community Center to take a look around. The Hilyard Center also houses the adaptive equipment for your next adventure, come check it out!

Equipment Rentals

$10/hour, $40/day or $50/weekend (Fri. afternoon-Mon. morning) or $100/week. Credit card deposit required. 

Assessment required before renting. $40 assessment fee includes a free one hour rental. Waterski rentals require an additional orientation.

Available equipment

Hilyard Community Center

Main Hall: $50 per hour / 100-130 capacity
Meeting Room: $40 per hour / 15-35 capacity
Rates are quoted per hour for rentals occurring during closed building hours (without alcohol consumption). For rentals during open building hours, deduct $10 per hour.

More Information

Washington Park Center

$45 per hour/$55 per hour if alcohol is served
$100 refundable deposit required for general rentals, $150 refundable deposit when alcohol is served or for commercial or for-profit rentals. 75 capacity
Additional $110 refundable key deposit may be required for unsupervised facility use.

More Information