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EUGfun is your go-to place for FREE and fun events throughout the year! 2017 is wrapped up and we are working on making 2018 a great year.

Park Block Food Trucks 2017Winter happenings

Food carts are in the Park Blocks through the winter! Vengan Pa'Ka and El Quetzal are open 11 am-3 pm Monday through Friday and Bacon Nation will be open on Fridays from 11 am-2 pm.


Shopping at any of the Park Block food carts gets you entered to win a FREE pair of tickets to an upcoming Hult Center for the Performing Arts, City of Eugene show, along with Rec swim passes and other Cultural Services goodies.


  1. On Instagram, take a picture of any food item purchased from one of the food carts in the West Park Block. (@Venga Pa'Ka, Baccon Nation Eugene, El Quetzal)
  2. Follow @eugeneculture on Instagram and Tag us in the picture description
  3. Tag the food cart.
  4. Include #EUGCartBlocks.
  5. Enjoy the grub, win some tickets, show some love and tell your friends.

We’ll do the rest! Winners will be selected every other Friday.

Enjoy some highlights of our 2017 season.